We have created a

model where:

Motivation leads to Movement

about us

We are a textile manufacturing company based in El Salvador, established in 2014 which seeks to produce clothes of the highest quality that shape the community.

We want to make a real difference in this industry by making a statement of the human heart behind every piece of clothes that we produce.

About us


Manufacture clothes that shape the community.

We provide a service to the textile industry with excellence, quality and most importantly social responsibility in order to meet the requirements of our customers while taking care of the people that work with us and the community around.

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Transform every piece of clothes made at WESTTEX in a vehicle for people’s happiness.

Happiness for the person that made it, for the person that gets to wear it, for the person that delivers, and for the person that orders it.

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Our staff is composed

 8 0 0


Our monthly cutting and sewing capability is

 1.2 Million


We produce High quality of cloth for men,
women and kids

We value our local talent because we truly believe that everyone is capable of making their dreams come true as long as they have the right attitude to make it possible.

Experience isn’t everything, that is why we are committed with educating the community to give each and every person the opportunity to be a part of our project at a professional level, transforming it into a career opportunity instead of another job although they haven’t had any experience in the field.

We believe that one piece of clothing has the power to make more impact on the life of the person that made it than the person that gets to wear it.

About us